Taylor Sneak Peek

I had a great time with a wonderful family at the lake yesterday!

Enjoy your sneak peak, Taylors…your slideshow will be ready in a few days!

Who needs a security blanket when you have a Thomas book!:)

How cool is big brother to entertain the little guy?!

I got to meet a very cool 6th grader that I hope to see around the ball diamonds this summer…

And mom got a break from worrying about how the 2 year old was looking in the pictures when I was getting some great ones of just the grown ups.

And in order to get that break from the 2 year old…every one needs two great older boys to handle their little one for a while!

A very handsome high school-er that I’m sure is growing up a little too fast for parents’ taste.

And, see, Jenny…I promised that out of the chaos of the morning we’d get fabulous shots…including one of the whole family with the 2 year old in it and not running around!:)

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